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One Small World. One Big Reason To Give.
One Small World. One Big Reason To Give.

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Project ID No: CA000001
Current Status: Active
Current Pledges Received: $50
Actual Donations Received: $0
Project Title:
World Youth Day
Proceeds Used For:
Operational Expenses for WYD Event
Project Description:

What is World Youth Day (WYD)?

WYD brings together Catholic youth as well as youth from non-Catholic religions from over 150 countries to learn about their faith and celebrate it. It is characterized by the happiness of youth being with the Pope and with each other. At each WYD event, participants will learn how Catholics live their faith and also experience life in the host country. In addition, foreign participants will teach us about how they live their faith and about life in their countries.

Where will the next WYD event be held?

It will be held in Cologne, Germany in the year 2005.

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