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Medical Assistance

Project ID No: MA000001
Current Status: Active
Current Pledges Received: $1
Actual Donations Received: $0
Project Title:
Miracle for Jimby
Proceeds Used For:
General Assistance for Jimby's Family
Project Description:
More information can be found on this website dedicated for Jimby:

James "Jimby" McIlvaine was born in Manila on May 18, 1961. His grandfather, Charles McIlvaine, was from New York with Irish and Scottish descent, thus the foreign name. But anybody who sees him and talks to him would know that he is a Filipino.

Jimby graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. He migrated to the United States shortly after graduation, married his Ateneo classmate and cheatmate, Jeju, and pursued a career primarily in Accounting and then in Information Technology. He is currently employed by Celarix Incorporated in East Rutherford, NJ writing software for the shipping industry using RPG IV on AS400. But because of his current situation, he has been unable to work for the past months.

Jimby and Jeju have been blessed with three beautiful children. James Patrick or Jeep is 11 yrs old and is the oldest of the three. He loves to play chess, basketball and, like everybody else in this musically talented family, plays the saxophone, piano and the clarinet. Jaime Suzanne is 6 and prefers to be called Jazz. She loves the arts, ballet and plays the piano. Jinny Marion or Jion is 4 and goes to Pre-K. Just like her older sister, she loves the arts, ballet and plays the piano.

Jimby and his family relocated to New Jersey from California in September of 2000 and soon thereafter discovered that he had leukemia. He has been in and out of the hospital since then. His doctor recommends a bone marrow transplant which is his best option for a durable remission. Since no perfect bone marrow match has been found, he is currently going through a series of high dose chemotherapy treatments for AML Leukemia. The body can only take in up to 5 doses with every dose lessening his chances for a complete recovery. He just completed his 5th round of chemotherapy. Harvesting of his own Stem Cells is scheduled thereafter as a back up if no match is still found. The effect, however, of using his own Stem Cells is not as promising as a perfect match from a donor.

Jimby hopes to find a bone marrow match for himself and to establish a National Marrow Program in the Philippines for others. With everyone's love, support and efforts, we will turn this dream into a reality.

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