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Proceeds of bail will go to the project or charity being supported by Sheriff Sam.

Project Supported: CA000005
Prisoner Name: Mitch
Required Minimum Total Bail: $ 1000
Current Actual Total Bail: $0
Project Title: Healthy Families EJail Campaign
Proceeds Used For:
Enabling children to grow up healthy, safe and nurtured by helping parents be the best parents they can be!
Project Description:

Healthy Families-Indian River County is a community-based, voluntary home visiting program designed to enable children to grow up healthy, safe and nurtured. THe program promotes positive parenting and healthy child development, therefore preventing child abuse and other poor childhood outcomes. Healthy Families offers pregnant women and families of newborns, living in Indian River County and who are experiencing stressful life situations, voluntary home visiting servcices that are provided by trained family support workers. Services are provided free to the family. All expenses must be paid thru grants and private donations. The average cost to provide services to 1 family are $3200 per year.