Message from the Founder

    MAR. 23, 2019

    Dear Friends,

    Our Website is an idea inspired by the founder’s desire to help anyone or any legitimate charitable project world-wide given his limited personal financial resources. "I am not a billionaire, but I have been given the talent to conceive and create this philanthropic idea. And with the help of my family, friends, and the web community, I hope to turn this concept into a reality."

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    You and I can make a difference. But with limited financial resources, how can we achieve a seemingly impossible goal?

    The Web. With thousands of websites out there created to sell music, information, or technology on-line, there is not one website created with the primary purpose of servicing anyone who wants to initiate a charity or fund-raising project.

    Thus, the birth of This pioneering website is the tool that utilizes the enormous potential of the internet to reach out to millions of web users to pool their resources and support these projects. The web is not cold and impersonal as was thought by some. It definitely can be used for the good of all!

    Our Mission

    We believe that a charity or fund-raising project deserves to get the same exposure on the web as any corporate advertiser would, except that they do not have to pay thousands of dollars for it!

    Our site aims to be the largest philanthropic web portal of choice for both donors and charities. Through the operation of the web portal, we promote philanthropy by enabling users to create their very own fund-raising or charitable project, and we make the Internet community aware of these projects by displaying them to millions of visitors of our partner networks for free. The site will also have the ability to quickly raise funds for these user-initiated projects, as well as for recognized charitable organizations or any legitimate charitable projects in Canada, the U.S.A. and around the world.

    We will strive to be the premiere, one-stop fund-raising center where each of the millions of web users can pool their financial resources together, contribute to an organization they wish to support, and then enjoy the material and emotional fringe benefits of giving. Any time, any day.

    Rest assured that not a penny of the proceeds from your contributions will solely benefit In fact, your donations will provide, among others:

      • a future of hope for the needy children around the world,
      • help for your designated charity to assist local communities devastated by natural disasters,
      • support for the medical charities in its selfless medical care efforts,
      • support for your preferred local cancer research, aids prevention, disaster relief organizations, hospitals, or other accredited non-profit institutions, and
      • support many, many more philanthropic efforts in our society.

    Again, we can only achieve this mission with your unwavering help. We have developed this tool for you on a 100% volunteer basis, and now it's your turn. So help me start this revolution of giving. Go ahead, post your projects, make your donations, browse our Rewards Catalog, bid as much as you can, get cash backs, grab some give-aways, shop on-line, get Sheriff Sam to send a friend to jail, create a Poll and simply have fun. Small World. One Big Reason To Give. (c)


    Edgar Enriquez