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Why should I register?

1. If you wish to join our referral program and would like to earn money by getting Sponsor/Advertisers for the charities and fund-raising projects posted at our site, we will need some information from you so we know where to send your referral cheque.

2. If you are a donor who makes straight cash donations, the registered charities that you have sent your donations through our website would need information from you such as your name and address so they can send you your income tax receipt. Also, you cannot view your own donation profile if you are not registered.

3. If you are a winner of a featured item in our Rewards Catalog program, we will definitely need to contact you.

4. If you are a fund-raising project initiator, we may, if necessary, need to contact you to verify your project, or to get information on where to send the proceeds from your fund-raising project. Access to some of your project profile details is restricted to the project initiator, who must be registered.

5. If you often use our Cash Back for Charity Program, you will not need to enter information about yourself everytime you complete a cash back form.

You do not need to register to use all features other than the above-mentioned.